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Global experience wins top job at NZTech

The technology industry’s leading voice, the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, has appointed its new CEO.

The new CEO is Graeme Muller who until this appointment was the Managing Partner of Ecosystm Advisory, a New Zealand-focused tech industry market analyst firm that worked to bring together the buyers and sellers of technology in engaging forums. He brings to the role a background in technology & business research, management consultancy and marketing across multiple sectors and geographies.

Graeme has more than a decade in leadership roles with global tech sector research and advisory firm IDC including Managing Director of Northern Europe, Managing Director for the Pacific region and Country Manager for New Zealand.

NZTech Chair Bennett Medary says the Board was absolutely thrilled that the campaign to find the new CEO drew such high caliber candidates from both New Zealand and offshore. More than 30 people applied with a final short list of three.

Medary says Graeme’s experience in New Zealand and his senior leadership roles at IDC in Europe means he knows how the tech ecosystem works here and overseas. “Graeme brings a high-level strategic approach to his work. He will take a lateral thinking, creative, innovative but grounded view on how to change the game.”

“Graeme is an integrator and collaborator who brings people together and seeks partnerships that will enable better outcomes for the whole industry.”

Graeme says he’s energized by the opportunities that the sector provides and he’s passionate about the effect technology can have on the economy.

“I am excited about the passion that so many people have about the benefits that technology can bring for New Zealand” says Muller, “and I’m looking forward to harnessing this passion to help drive tangible positive outcomes for our members and the economy as a whole”.

Graeme has already started in the new role and says the first job is to undertake a strategic review of the organisation as he works with the Board to provide fresh ideas that have broad appeal across the rapidly growing technology sector.

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