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Kiwis sweep top robotics awards

The Kiwis have cleaned up at the Vex Robotics World Championship, winning three of its top titles.

The NASA-sponsored competition saw university and high school teams from 33 countries compete in a series of complex challenges.

This year our students made winning look easy.

Glenfield College took home the high school world excellence award, and the University of Auckland retained the university world excellence award.

Lynfield College also successfully defended their title from last year as high school world champions.

The championship is held over three days in the US with 11,000 students.

The challenge involves complex programming and engineering challenges.

There were plenty of recruiters at the event.

“Robots make cars, they assist in surgery, they’re being tested to rescue people from fires,” says Northrup Grumman HR manager Jane Diles. “Some robots are even movie stars. It’s your commitment and dedication that keep these innovative ideas moving forward.”

It is a competition that’s fun and fruitful, and if there’s ever a robot Armageddon our brainy bunch will likely have our backs.


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