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Boardroom Series for Growth Companies

NZTech is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Sheffield. Together we will be hosting regular events which will foster knowledge sharing and networking among an invited group of leading New Zealand technology executives.

The format will be open, beginning with refreshments and networking, followed by a designated speaker, and rounding out with an inclusive Q & A/general discussion/robust debate!

These events will be a great opportunity for connecting with peers, facilitating a broader discussion within the sector, and leveraging the leadership capability and experience of the participants.

The 2015 Boardroom Series for Growth Companies

Governance Models for High Growth Businesses

Michael Whitehead
Chief Executive

August 5th   Learn more

Getting your People Strategy right for Growth & IPO

Brett Morris
Recent Past VP People from Orion Health

September 16th    Learn more

 Sarah Perry

Growing a substantial US business

Sarah Perry
Chief Executive

December 9th   Learn More

 vaughan-rowsell  Leading a Company in Hyper Growth

Vaughan Rowsell
Chief Executive


 angus-norton  Doing Business in the US

Angus Norton
Chief Product Officer



These events are for up to 15 guests and are by invite only. If you are interested in attending these events please contact us.

Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech

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