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Advancing Women to provide needed tech sector skills


NZTech has prepared a briefing paper to provide an overview of the many skills and talent development initiatives currently available within the New Zealand technology sector ecosystem with a focus on increasing the number of women in the sector.

Given the scale of the skills shortage, or skills mismatch that the tech sector is facing, we, as a sector, need to work together and work smarter to help address it.

It seems obvious that women, who represent half of the population, yet only 25% of the sector, represent a practical solution to the problem.

The NZTech Skills & Talent Briefing Paper on Advancing Women looks at the current skill and talent development initiatives underway, discusses the potential impact of fragmentation and provides recommendations.

NZTech is now opening dialogue with industry on the Tech Sector Skills Briefing Paper to get further information, input and insights to help formulate an action plan.

Please read, share and circulate the Briefing Paper and email any comments to: or share via the NZTech Women LinkedIn Group.

Read the NZTech Skills & Talent Briefing Paper

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