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Please share your stories with us

NZTech is currently conducting significant research on the impact of technology on New Zealand.

Technology is complex, and explaining what it is and how it impacts on the economy is a lot easier with case studies to illustrate the concept and show the positive effects.

We’re looking for case studies to include in the final research report as well as on the website that will be developed showcasing the NZ tech sector.

Please share with us, real-world examples of technology and innovation developed or implemented by your organisation.

If you have a great story to tell, but haven’t written the case study yet, simply fill out this brief online form and we’ll get in touch for more details.

If you already have a case study (or case studies) written you can simply email these (or site links to these) to me.

We’re looking for a wide range of tech-related case studies from across the region and tech sector (education, manufacturing, health, software etc.) that demonstrate benefits such as:

  • increased competitiveness, profitability, output, turnover, productivity, or exports
  • the ability to enter a new market
  • the replacement of imports
  • jobs created or saved
  • improved health or educational outcomes, job satisfaction, or other measures of well-being
  • ?benefits for your suppliers, partners, or consumers?

This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase the dynamism of your organisation and ?to demonstrate the benefits of technology and the need to foster the process of innovation in New Zealand.

The report is being finalised over the next few weeks so if you’d like the opportunity to have your company profiled or a case study shown off in the printed report, please respond by 26th November.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie Clark
Operations Manager

New Zealand Technology Industry Association

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