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A software-defined approach helps businesses thrive in the new landscape

ViFX, New Zealand’s leading IT infrastructure and cloud specialist, is partnering with VMware, the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, to arm Kiwi companies with the power to operate at rapid speed, cut costs, and compete effectively.

To keep up with the constant shifts, innovations and advancements happening across industries, companies need to look to the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC).

Technology has now advanced far enough to make any domain of IT infrastructure – compute, networking and storage – entirely serviceable with a layer of software. By bringing the power and advantages of virtualisation to your entire IT infrastructure, digital transformation just got a whole lot easier.

The result is an environment that can deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS) quickly, consistently, efficiently and reliably and let your business embrace the best of cloud-based models, including hybrid cloud; often favoured by New Zealand organisations.
“Every conceivable industry is being confronted with customer-facing digitisation, as new technology arises and traditional barriers are broken down,” says James Knapp, CTO and Cloud Architect at ViFX.

However, IT innovation is hindered by complex IT environments and legacy systems and data centres that simply can’t keep up with the changing demands of today’s business climate.

“Working closely with our customers, we know that it is increasingly important for businesses to deliver IT services rapidly, in an agile manner, and to be able to respond to customer demands quickly. The role of the SDDC is to support businesses as they pivot, provide new services or change the construction of their services.”

The automation of the data centre ensures infrastructure capabilities are delivered consistently as designed, reducing risk and optimising resource use. With a software-defined approach, businesses will experience faster time to value for their applications, as well as unmatched efficiency and resiliency of their infrastructure. They’ll see IT spend significantly reduced and have the right technology and capability in place to increase their focus on innovation.

Geoff Olliff, Co-Founder and Director, ViFX, says: “Over the past eight years, all the projects, the conversations and the transformations we have been fortunate enough to participate in, have led to this point. At last we are able to see the hard work our clients have put in paying off with a solution that can truly enable them to be more agile and more competitive. We are pleased to welcome the Software-Defined Enterprise.”

John Drayton, Country Manager, VMware New Zealand, says: “With the increased demand for flexible IT environments and the added need for reliable security, our work with ViFX is designed to enable the company to deliver fast, agile and secure solutions to the New Zealand market through VMware technology. Solutions such as VMware NSX offer businesses tools to compete in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving market. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with ViFX to deliver a new architecture of IT to local organisations – one that delivers business benefits with high-value IT outcomes.”

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