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NZTech joins global industry to advance a digital trade agenda


NZTech has joined industry associations from around the world to urge Trade Ministers gathering in France for the next Trade in Services (TiSA) Ministerial, to advance a digital trade agenda.

“NZTech  has co-signed the global industry statement presented to Trade Ministers in Paris last week. Its purpose is to advance the digital trade agenda including the promotion of Internet openness and cross-border information flows as a priority.  We share a like-minded vision for the future of world trade and the need to combat the increasing trend of digital protectionism,” says NZTech CEO, Graeme Muller.

“Today’s world is entering a new digital era of innovation as the Internet transforms how the world operates and trades.  Alongside many other nations, we recognise the value of freely exchanging global talent, and welcome provisions to facilitate the movement of high skilled talent,” Muller said.

“There is a continuing shift towards free markets and unrestricted global trade, both of which are critical to the success of the New Zealand tech sector.  With multinational and bilateral agreements between many nations already in place, the negotiations for the TiSA clearly show how creating disciplines on digital trade and e-commerce is pivotal to economic success,” he said.

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