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Fluctuating salaries for tech professions

Last month, Absolute IT released its bi-annual Remuneration Report, capturing remuneration data of nearly 40,000 employees via There has been a slight dip in the national median base salary, now at $80,000.  Over the last two years, it has fluctuated between $80-82,500.  Meanwhile, there has been an upward trend of employers offering additional bonuses to attract and retain staff.

The report included a snapshot of the distribution and earning power of women in tech.  Women currently make up just 21% of the IT workforce in New Zealand, with a median salary of $80,000 in Auckland and Wellington, $73,500 in Hamilton and $70,000 in Christchurch.  The top three roles filled by women in tech are business analyst, testing QA and project management/team lead.  Meanwhile, the highest paying IT jobs for women are IT security, architect, account manager, IT manager, consultant and project manager.

Over 60% of IT professionals receive additional benefits as part of their package.  A mobile phone is the top benefit, followed by flexible working hours, healthcare, car park, company paid training, paid overtime, stock options, extra annual leave, extra super, childcare and gym memberships.

In regional salary trends, results show considerable growth in Christchurch with an increase in salary packages of 6.6% and bonus rates up 6%.  Wellington’s median base salary stayed flat, but overall it is the region with the best packages offering a  median salary of $87,000 and a $90/hr median contracting rate.  Hamilton had a 2.5% rise in median salary package, but the contracting rate has dropped by 17% to$60/hr. This rate drop has been attributed to a decrease in contract vacancies in Hamilton.  While Auckland median salaries have dipped 2.5% to $80,000 and a $85/hr median, it has seen the highest increased in bonuses paid.

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