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Summit crucial for cyber security, new NZTech director says

NZTech’s new government and member relations director Andrea Hancox says New Zealand needs to protect its economy and livelihood as a nation by bringing cybersecurity to the forefront of leaders at top executive levels.
Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of cyber threats and key issues that government and private sector need to address is crucial for the country and key issues will be discussed at NZTech’s Advance Security Summit in Wellington on October 17, Hancox says.

“Today we face a borderless cyber security challenge. The summit will shed light on the fast changing global landscape of cyber security and how international partnerships and collaboration are tracking,

“New Zealand is not exempt to major security risks which could impinge on the economy. We need to understand the multi-dimensional nature of cyber threats and key issues that government and private sector face. Cyber risks are a borderless challenge. This crucial NZTech summit will bring together leaders from industry, government, academics and experts in the cyber security space.

“Cybercrime is rising and is increasingly being identified as a top threat to New Zealand, as criminals, rogue nations and others in the dark net seek to strike and disrupt at any moment.

“We must seek to reinforce our cyber security gates to ensure that our businesses and lives are safeguarded from damage and disruption that could wreak havoc if the right information gets into the wrong hands. This October 17 event looks at the intersection where public and private sectors must meet to join together in defending against cyber attacks from the outset,” Hancox says.

Among the summit speakers on October 17 are KPMG cyber security senior manager Caroline Carver, Foodstuffs South Island chief information officer Phillip Wright, Vodafone head of security Colin James, Ministry of Justice senior security specialist Lana Tosic, Air New Zealand chief information security officer Frederick Laury and Xero heading of security Paul MacPherson.

The effective and safe use of information technology has the potential to deliver incredible benefits to the New Zealand economy by enabling greater efficiency and productivity. The technology industry is fast becoming a significant source of export revenues for the country accounting for at least $6.3 billion in exports last year.

NZTech has a vibrant and growing community throughout New Zealand representing over 400 organisations,” NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says.

“It is fantastic to have someone of Andrea’s calibre joining our team in Wellington to help drive the growth of the local tech community. The tech sector touches many elements of the economy and is intertwined through most sectors. Having someone dedicated to ensuring a strong and collaborative relationship with the government is critical to ensure that the tech sector and government work hand in hand to drive prosperity for New Zealand,” Muller says.

Before joining NZTech, Hancox spent six years developing and working on government IT hardware and earlier had eight years at HP. She says she is particularly interested in women in technology and inspiring women to succeed in the tech sector.

“By encouraging women in technology to reach their full potential, I am committed to working on women mentor programmes for our members and recent graduates. I believe we need to support other women in technology by having a career plan supported by mentors who will provide leadership and coaching.”

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