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NZTech Update – Growing alliances, diversity and connections

Hi Readers

The technology sector in New Zealand continues to grow rapidly and is a key enabler and accelerator on all fronts for the rest of the economy. I am very fortunate to be part of it and humbled by the latest opportunity to make a difference. First and foremost, our Deputy Chair Rachel Kelly and I would like to acknowledge the hard work and successes contributed by the previous Chair of NZTech, Bennett Medary. In our new roles, we are fortunate to inherit a top-performing team of board members, CEO Graeme Muller, advisors and staff.

Today, NZTech and our partners are a rapidly growing alliance representing over 400 organisations across the sector. Certainly, there is much to celebrate as plenty has been achieved by and for our sector, however it is only the tip of the iceberg. There is still room for us to achieve much more together, including;

– broadening scope of engagement
– coming together as a diverse sector
– strengthening regional connections
– including and embracing start-ups
– growing international connections
– growing human capital capacity
– promoting and empowering women in tech
– working with government

Collectively, our board and our members see these areas of challenge and opportunities as important to our sector as well as the economy of New Zealand as a whole. As a growing community, NZTech is well positioned to continue working on these areas, together with our members, partners, sector and the rest of the country. In our new chairing roles, Rachel and I are both proud and excited to be working closely with Graeme, to build on, lead and energise the organisation forward across all areas of engagement.

Mitchell Pham
Chair of NZTech

Government & Tech Summit

Nationwide – May 2017

SingularityUNZ is next week!


Join SIBA at the free event, Talk Geospatial Auckland on 30 November. Learn how innovative businesses are using spatial information.

EHF‘s CEO Yoseph Ayele joins Tech Week’s national director Jennifer Clamp at The Leap – New Zealand’s Entrepreneurs Festival this week in Auckland. Read more here.

Join the NZBio 2016 Spring Reception on 22 November in Auckland. Learn more about our flourishing biotech sector at this free event.


Use the NZTech promo code: MMTI, for free access to the latest Market Measures report, uncovering the mechanics of scaling kiwi tech companies, save $490.

There’s still one more R9Acclerator information session in Wellington on 11 November. Then join the R9 Rev Up, kickoff event, 18-20 November.

In other events, Finnotec 2016 is 10 November in Auckland. Coming in December, Unitec’s international Privacy, Security and Trust Conference.


The New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards will be presented in Wellington on 16 November. The awards highlight growth in the industry, read more.

The GCIO office at the DIA will provide a briefing on the new Government ICT Marketplace in Christchurch on 17 November.

The NZTech Advance Government and Technology Summit will be held on 28 February 2017 in Wellington. Discussions on advancing the use of technology in the public sector and collaboration.

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