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Do’s and don’ts of the NZ Hi-Tech Awards!

The NZ Hi-Tech Awards are in their 22nd year, recognising the best kiwi ICT, electronics, software, biotech, agritech and digital media.  Winning the sought after accolade can take your business to the next level and the 2017 awards programme starts now.  Before you enter, know what annoys the judges most and avoid it! 

The Hi-Tech Trust tells us that the judges biggest gripe is entries that don’t answer the question that was asked.  Some entrants provide plenty of information, but none of which is relevant to the question.  Pay attention to the exact question being asked.  Highlight key words in each question, plan your responses well and double check everything.  The judging panel are only able to adjudicate based on what is submitted.  If you don’t answer the questions or state a compelling case for your company you won’t make the shortlist.  Often companies that don’t make the shortlist simply  haven’t articulated their case well during the entry process.

Remember, judges assess entries based on the entry form alone and not additional knowledge.  Some judges have expressed frustration that positive, well known information about a company was not reflected in an entry.  Often, this is because the entry writer assumes general knowledge doesn’t need to be included when really it is a cornerstone of their story.  While the judges for each category have expert knowledge, assume the judging panel know nothing about your product or company.  This is particularly important for international judges who are likely to have never heard of you!  Make sure you tell your story well and within the criteria.

There are plenty of reasons to enter the awards.  Entering boosts your personal and company profile so you will be noticed by others in the industry.  You will have the opportunity to network with the hi-tech community at several events.  As a new entrant, you can meet previous winners, industry leaders, government representatives, sponsors, investors and advisors.  Finalists will learn lessons that no one else will share at an invitation only event.  Entering these awards will help you attract and retain top talent.  Winning an award will help cement your business creditor and can be a crucial factor in gaining funding for R&D, marketing or exporting.  It is also a chance to show you can compete on the world stage.

Entries are now open for the 2017 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.  Discover the categories and learn more about the prestigious local and international judges.  Entries close on 6 March and here is the 2017 calendar of events including entrants event, panel judging, alumni event and gala dinner.  Check out the FAQ’s here.

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