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NZTech backs cyber security stance

NZTech today backed the Government’s continued focus on the New Zealand cyber security strategy and action plan as rogue cyber attacks continue to plague nations and businesses worldwide.

New Zealand is not exempt to major security risks which could impinge on the economy and livelihood as a nation, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. NZTech has been organising and leading national cyber security summits to help address information sharing.

The government released its first report on the implementation of New Zealand’s cyber security strategy and action plan today.

NZ needs to understand threats

Muller says New Zealand needs to understand the multi-dimensional nature of cyber threats and key issues that government and private sector face.

“Cyber risks are a borderless challenge. This crucial NZTech summit in October will bring together leaders from industry, government, academics and experts in the cyber security space.

“We are looking at national preparedness on cyber security issues at the forefront of leadership strategy across the country.

“The tech sector is working closely with the government on ensuring the cyber strategy is implemented as fast as possible. NZTech members are working across all of the elements of the action plan

“NZTech tech is collaborating with the national cyber policy office on issues such as the security of the internet of things as it develops in New Zealand and via NZTechs’s annual Security Summit which brings together the leaders in cyber security across the country each year.

“We want to ensure the cyber security of our national infrastructures, our businesses and people.
“Cybercrime is rising and is increasingly being identified as a top threat to New Zealand, as criminals, rogue nations and others in the dark net seek to strike and disrupt at any moment.

Cyber security must be reinforced

“We must seek to reinforce our cyber security to ensure that our businesses and lives are safeguarded from damage and disruption that could wreak havoc if the right information gets into the wrong hands.”

Additionally, the technology industry is fast becoming a significant source of export revenues for the country accounting for at least $6.3 billion in exports last year.

Muller says for New Zealand to grow its economy through digital exports, it needs to have trusted, reliable and secure ICT environments.

However, there is risk of a significant impact to the economy if individuals and organisations are reluctant to engage in the digital economy or avoid using technology to its full potential due to cyber security fears. Small to medium enterprises, in particular, are seen as being most vulnerable to both actual threats and fears over perceived threats.

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