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NZTech Update – Board nominations, AI and ShadowTech

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I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend. I visited my parents new home in Tauranga and we even got some beach time. When I fired up the phone to head home on Sunday morning Google maps knew from my calendar that I had to be home by 3pm for a delivery, it knew I was in Tauranga and that given the traffic I would need to leave just before 12. Was that a low level AI experience? It probably wasn’t, but you can be sure that as the ability for computers to learn from every interaction continues to develop at breakneck speed there will be plenty of AI moments. It is because of the speed of AI development, the potential impacts, both positive and negative, that NZTech is supporting the launch of the AI Forum of New Zealand. Tomorrow evening in Wellington, Minister Goldsmith will launch the Forum, an independent, not-for-profit organisation bringing together industry, academia and government to work together on ensuring New Zealand is ready for AI.

In Auckland, last week, ShadowTech Day helped connect about 200 school girls with women in tech for the day so they could inspire them into considering the tech sector as a great place to work. Over the coming weeks, ShadowTech Day is being run in towns right across New Zealand. Learn what is required of Mentors on the day and gain practical insights from NZTech Board Director Eva Sherwood, who mentored last year.

NZTech Board Nominations
The NZTech AGM is scheduled for 20 July. That means election season is upon us and we are seeking a number of new Board members! Do you know someone who would be awesome on our board? Or considering it yourself? Nominations close 14 June. Visit our site for more info.

National Digital Skills Survey
We are currently running a nationwide survey of tech firms to establish what digital skills will be required in the next year or so. Help us help you and participate in the 2017 Tech Skills Demand Survey. Collected data will help forecast in demand skills, inform education and immigration policy. The survey takes 15 minutes, is anonymous and participants will receive a copy of the survey results.

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Inspiring girls into tech

Read our Tech Manifesto


Please join us for the AI Forum of New Zealand launch tomorrow in Wellington, RSVPs essential.  Meanwhile, watch Stuart Christie or read more.  Follow @AIForumNZ, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Join Canterbury Tech on 6 June for hi-tech manufacturing insights. NZSA’s next event is 13 June. Also, mark your diary for NZTech Connect Wellington event on 21 June.

Digigirlz, encouraging Maori and Pasifika girls into STEM is hosted by MIT on 10 June. The next Blockchain Gathering is 22 June in Auckland.


Don’t forget to register for the CIO Summit, 14-15 June in Auckland. This year, over 50 speakers discuss leading the technology revolution. Use the promo code: MKKOWG for a 10% discount for the Summit and TechTeam Pass.

Grow your startup by being a better marketer! Learn how to identify the most effective way to scale. Attend Deep Dive – Digital Marketing Weekend 16-18 June in Auckland. Check if you qualify for a 50% subsidy.

Get ready for #WCIT2017 in Taipei, 10-13 September. This year’s theme is Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age, Building and Sharing the Dream. The congress hosts 2,500 people from over 80 countries.


The New Zealand Digital Skills Forum invites you to participate in the 2017 Tech Skills Demand Survey.  Collected data will help forecast in demand skills, inform education and immigration policy. The survey takes 15 minutes, is anonymous and participants will receive a copy of the survey results.

Enhancing collaboration for 21st century learning. Register for our EdTech Summit on June 26-27 in Auckland. A must for all educators, tech leaders and policy makers. This year, structured into two forums; Tech and Pedagogy, and EdTech for Export.

A new cyber safety resource for students was launched last week. The Digital Licence helps students to be smart, safe and responsible online. It teaches kids what to do if they are exposed to offensive content or encounter cyber bullying.

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