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Open Banking and the Future of Financial Services – Are you a survivor or thriver?


Every day there is a new article that discusses the sea change disrupting the banking industry. This change, they say, will fundamentally disrupt the financial services value chain for customers, intermediaries, and incumbents alike. There is no avoiding the signs.

Across the world there are pressures, both regulatory and customer-led, that are opening up the market to new entrants and disrupting what and how customers buy. In Europe specifically, the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is set to unleash a transformation in how financial services organizations view themselves, and each other. This isn’t unique to Europe – in the United States, aggregators such as have already dis-intermediated banks and now own the ‘last mile’ of the customer banking relationship, disrupting traditional players.

This white paper from MuleSoft discusses the various approaches that can be taken.

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