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My year as the NZTech Board Intern

Last year, when I was appointed to the NZTech Board, I knew it was going to be an exciting internship. As a young executive in the tech world I was looking forward to exposing the board to fresh thinking, but at the same time learning about board governance.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect when I was offered the opportunity, but I knew a bit about NZTech’s work as Parrot Analytics had been a member for some time. However, the breadth and scope of the organisation was quite surprising. I was fortunate to be part of a group that were discussing the next wave of digital transformation occurring in New Zealand and how we can ensure the entire industry is cohesive.

My time on the Board has been beneficial and a great experience. I learned so much from other members of the NZTech board. It is a diverse team, with many great examples of leaders, which in turn also helped grow my network. As a young woman in a startup business, I was able to bring a different perspective to the regular Board meetings. Reassuringly, the Board was always open to hearing my thoughts and ideas.

While the internship exposed the Board to another perspective from their growing membership base, it also provided valuable governance experience for me. During my tenure on the Board I have learnt a tremendous amount about formal governance responsibilities and processes. Now, I am able to apply these principles to my day job at Parrot Analytics and I am certain they will be valuable throughout my career.

Dil Khosa
Parrot Analytics

Are you the next NZTech Board Appointed Intern?

NZTech has an ongoing initiative to ensure diversity of thought and representation on its Board. NZTech introduced a Board Internship seat in 2016 to bring a younger perspective to the Board. The seat also provides an opportunity for innovative young tech leaders to gain governance experience, engage in the industry and build networks. It provides a working knowledge of how boards operate, develops leadership and decision making skills. If you would like to be considered as the next NZTech Board Appointed Intern, please email us.

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