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NZTech INFORM – What will NZ look like in 2030?

Hi Readers

This week, it’s all go!  I’m in Christchurch tomorrow to attend the Canterbury Tech event, then the quarterly NZTech/EDA meeting, following by an NZTech Connect Event in Wellington on Wednesday.  On Thursday, our TechLeaders Executive host Minister Curran for lunch.  Sprinkled in between flights and meetings there will be very little time left for emails!

Our key focus this month though is the Digital Nations Summit, in Auckland, next week.  We’ve pulled the summit together to create a place for leaders in the tech sector, social sector, business and government to come together to develop a plan for New Zealand in 2030.   The summit includes collaborative forums to design how we would like to see the future of education, healthcare, finance, production and society.  The summit will provide excellent inputs for the yet to be announced CTO.

While there will be over 500 attendees, including nearly 200 international guests, I want to make sure we have a well balanced audience.  If you know any teachers or startups that may like to attend, please drop us a note and I’ll provide a discount code for them.  We have just over 20 tickets left, so don’t miss out.

Have a great week and hopefully I’ll see you at Digital Nations next week.

Graeme Muller

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