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NZTech Update – Inspiring TechWomen

Hi Readers

This Thursday, it is International Women’s Day and I’ve been considering the global shortage of tech skills and the fact that in most countries, somewhere between 20-26% of tech workers are female.  In New Zealand that number is only 23%.

We can complain that firms are not employing enough women, but it’s a much bigger issue than that.  In New Zealand, only 36% of computer science students are female and a 2015 OECD survey found that only 3% of 15 year old girls in New Zealand showed an interest in a career in IT.

Aside from helping to address the skills shortage there are plenty of other reasons to aspire to having gender balance in digital roles throughout New Zealand – a range of roles, higher pay and economic benefits.  The latest research finds that new companies with 200 percent or more growth, are 75 percent more likely to have a female founder.

It is time to act and we believe, if we work together, New Zealand can lead the world in solving this problem.  This is why NZTech recently appointed Edwina Mistry to help drive TechWomen. have identified four ways to attract girls to try computer science – involve their friends, inspire with examples, fight stereotypes and show that tech is relevant for all roles from medicine to law and business.

In May, TechWomen’s ShadowTech Day aims to involve girls with their friends, partnering students with a women in tech for a day.  It is an ideal opportunity to view first hand what working in tech is really like.  This year, we will mentor about 600 girls, so if you are a parent, teacher or would like to be involved as a mentor, please get in touch.

To inspire with examples and fight stereotypes, TechWomen are also about to launch 100 TechWomen.  This is an initiative that will profile a hundred New Zealand women in tech to showcase the diversity of roles and opportunities.  In the coming weeks, we will be calling for expressions of interest, so please get involved.

Meanwhile, enjoy the week ahead and take a moment to celebrate international women’s day, acknowledging how far we’ve come since Kate Sheppard’s time and how far we still have to go.

Have a great week
All the best

Graeme Muller

28 March

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