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Growth hacks to help Kiwi tech companies

New research shows that Kiwi high growth companies have 40 percent more sales people than non-high growth companies.  This is one of the key insights from the 2018 Market Measures report.

“What we do at the beginning of every Market Measures survey is ask: how can we gain some actionable insight out of this?  The idea is to give Kiwi technology companies useful information for planning their sales and marketing strategies,’’ says Concentrate’s Managing Director, Owen Scott.

The report will help tech companies tune their marketing and sales teams, applying best practice learned from others.  The 2018 report identifies what the best New Zealand and US companies are doing to accelerate growth.  This includes improved alignment between sales and marketing, stepping onto the international stage, making better use of technology and ensuring sales teams have effective tools.

Growth hack one:  Better align marketing and sales teams.

Growth hack two: Grab a slice of the international market, sooner rather than later.

Growth hack three: Make a comprehensive website the central hub of your marketing strategy.

Growth hack four:  Create dynamic online content to engage your target audience.

Growth hack five:  Use technology to support your marketing initiatives,  including marketing automation to improve efficiency and data visibility.

Growth hack six:  Understand your customer acquisition funnel!  Knowing how people find and buy your product or service is essential.

Growth hack seven:  Making use of technology again!  Improve the efficiency of your team.

Growth hack eight:  Recruit more sales people and ensure they have the tools they need to be efficient and effective.

Growth hack nine:  Always ensure your customer experience is positive and successful.  Remember it’s more cost effective to retain customers than search for new ones.

Download the 2018 #marketmeasuresnz report to learn more about the nine growth hacks for Kiwi tech companies.

About Market Measures

The annual Market Measures survey is a joint initiative by Concentrate and Swaytech, supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).  Market Measures collected data from 318 New Zealand tech companies, benchmarking against the highest growth firms in the sample, and similar US studies.  The annual survey began in 2011 and has collated knowledge aimed at helping local tech companies fuel growth by smarter marketing.

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