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NZTech Inform – open for business!

While New Zealand businesses cross their fingers for today’s announcement of when we will enter Alert Level 1, most of our global trading partners are hampered by COVID-19.

Now, is the perfect time to tell the world we are open for business and that is exactly what the Government is doing. There was an additional $16 million allocated in the recent budget for supporting the highly successful New Zealand Story export marketing strategy. Tourism and education marketing is also being diverted to help keep the New Zealand brand top of mind for our international customers. These coordinated multi-agency investments will continue to emphasise our reputation for safety, trust, resilience, ingenuity, innovation, sustainability and high-value goods and services.

Campaigns are being developed to promote our food and beverage exports, to attract international investment, to attract movies and other interactive media business opportunities, to re-engage with international students and to promote New Zealand agritech and digital exports. We are working to ensure that ingenuity and innovation are strong themes. Why? Because now is the time to tell the world that New Zealand is not just safe and green, but also highly advanced with technology to solve global challenges.

Work on the digital tech sector industry transformation plan (ITP) has also recommenced. NZTech and the team at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are reviewing the inputs from the dozen workshops conducted to date, in the context of COVID-19. Focus areas emerging include telling the New Zealand tech story, how Government procurement can be used to help support the growth of the sector, maturing the skills pipeline, the opportunity from and for Maori tech sector growth, and open data and interoperability. We will keep you updated on further opportunities to engage in the ITP, coming soon.

Meanwhile, our first entirely digital Techweek is just around the corner (27 July – 2 August). New events are being added to the online programme on a daily basis. The special benefit of Techweek2020, is events and audiences are accessible throughout New Zealand and the world. To help ensure diversity, NZTech is sponsoring community events. Events targeting children, seniors and non-tech people, to help them engage with tech, are free to register.

Speaking of events, catch our webinar this Wednesday on how the Government is reimagining its approach to digital post COVID-19.

Ngā mihi

Graeme MullerCEO

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