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At times, my job can be incredibly frustrating! Given every single tech firm I talk to describes a serious skills shortage, you would think most could take 10 minutes to help sort the problem. To help make a difference, we urgently need your responses. We are extending the 2020 Digital Skills Survey until the end of this week.

To be clear, a key reason we are collecting information about digital skills needs is because our borders remain closed. The aggregated information will also guide the Government’s Digital Tech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) investments and policy decisions.   

For the past few years, more than half of all tech jobs have been filled using immigration. If we close our survey now, it would send a message to the Government that New Zealand’s largest tech firms and the largest corporate IT teams don’t have any problems accessing digital skills, so Immigration can focus on helping other industries instead. Is this the message we want to send?

With less than 100 respondents from thousands of companies, the current message is clear. It appears the skills shortage isn’t a big enough issue for large tech firms? We need senior people in large tech firms and the CIO/IT managers of large IT teams in big business to take 10 minutes to estimate the skills and potential roles they think they will need in the near term. 

This week is your last chance to help make a difference. You can find the survey here:  

Please help us, to help you, by completing the 2020 Digital Skills Survey.  

Ngā mihi

Graeme Muller


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