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NZTech Inform – boosting our economy with biotech

This week is fully scheduled with meetings and preparations. Later today, we will be sending NZTech’s Briefing to Incoming Ministers (BIMs) with recommendations ranging from reviewing the impact of the R&D tax credits on software companies to immediate border exemptions for non-citizens granted visas for IT occupations before border closures. There are a raft of other recommendations which I look forward to sharing, once I’ve had an opportunity to discuss with the Ministers. 

This week, the draft Digital Skills report update is being edited and we are on track to publish in early December. One of the stories emerging is New Zealand’s heavy reliance on immigration, meaning we have failed to upskill our own workforce, creating high levels of churn. The research is showing shortages in selected skills, companies using immigration to find these skills, then high levels of staff turnover as staff are not provided with internal development opportunities and seek opportunities elsewhere. I look forward to unpacking the finer details and discussing further in the coming weeks. 

I am also preparing for the SWITCH Global: Singapore’s Week of Innovation and Technology. Like most things 2020, this year it is 100 percent digital and I will be presenting with Andy Hamilton and Angie Judge on New Zealand’s technology and funding landscape. It’s a great chance to help promote New Zealand tech to the world with more than 100,000 attendees expected across the week.

Tomorrow is the release of the Aotearoa New Zealand Boosted by BioTech – Innovating for a sustainable future report. The research clearly identifies an increasing global demand for solutions to health, agri-food and environmental challenges. This includes reducing waste, creating vaccines, new medicines and developing healthier foods while reducing the impact on the environment. With our growing local biotech sector, we are well positioned to harness these opportunities and help solve some of the greatest world challenges. The report positions biotechnology as a key enabler in boosting our economy, explaining how important a thriving biotechnology sector is for our future. It is an excellent read, so look out for it tomorrow.  

Have a great week. 
Ngā mihi

Graeme Muller 

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