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Password perfect?

Everything we do online is valuable, not just to us, but to cyber attackers!  One of the easiest ways to protect yourself, your family and your finances is good password practice. The longer and stronger the password, the harder it is to crack.  

Try making a passphrase – that’s four or more random words, a sentence or fun phrase. Passphrases are easier to remember, they’re as strong as a password that uses a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. For example, popcornwithbutterisbest orcatseatpotatochips.  

Another idea is to look around you and pick four random items, for example, coffeelemoncupflowers. Always use words that are random to you, avoid song lyrics, family names, birth dates or addresses.  

If an account asks you to add numbers and symbols to your password, you can easily include these in your passphrases. For example, 7catsatepotatochips.

If you use the same passwords on all your accounts, it’s time to change! It’s important to create different passwords for your banking, email and social media accounts. A password manager is a good place to store your passwords and means you only need to remember one set of login details to access all your other passwords. 

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