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NZTech Inform – complain or build our case?

We are still receiving responses to the Critical Workers survey.  We have 192 responses who are currently recruiting for 1242 roles.  However, this is still only a fraction of the tech sector.  Personally, I find the low response rate frustrating given how many people are complaining about critical skills shortages.  This is a big issue for our sector and we need your help to fix it! 

If you have issues with skills shortages, please take the time (it will take you less than five minutes) to share this information.  Without industry wide collaboration there is no scale and your individual challenges may seem insignificant to those tasked with managing our entire economy. You can check if your company has already completed the survey below.

NZTech is working with other tech associations to aggregate the information so it is clear there is a major economic issue.  Please take the time to contribute here

Meanwhile, the global battle for digital skills has further increased in intensity.  Last week, it was reported that an Australian firm is actively recruiting at the University of Auckland for computer science graduates and offering a $215,000 starting salary.  The Australian Government recently added more tech jobs to its Priority Migration List, including programmers, software engineers, game designers and cyber security experts.  This list details 41 occupations which fill critical skills needed to support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.  I would argue these roles should be on a New Zealand list as well!  It is clear to me that New Zealand risks losing if we don’t operate collectively and more strategically.  Let’s work together to build a compelling case that can’t be ignored.   Please help by completing the Critical Workers Survey and sharing or promoting it far and wide. 

Also, please join the discussion at our next Connect Event – Addressing the Tech Talent Shortage on 1 July in Auckland. 

This week, I am attending our regular tech sector meetings with the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) and team to coordinate work around supporting the tech sector’s interaction with the Government on procurement and digital inclusion.  Later that day we are having our regular meeting with the CEO’s of the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission as we help coordinate work on digital skills shortages at the education end of the pipeline.  There is desire across the Government to help address challenges in the skills pipeline, but they expect the industry to collaborate (as a collective, not as hundreds of individual firms).  If your organisation is not a member of NZTech please consider getting involved more formally and join NZTech.

Have a great week.

Ngā mihi

Graeme Muller

PS:  Applications are still open!  We are looking for a Community Manager so if you know anyone who would enjoy this opportunity, please let them know.

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