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Tech, the journey map to top jobs and climate help

New Zealand’s economic future must rest with sustainable high value tech jobs producing goods and services with a much reduced carbon footprint, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says.

Technology in New Zealand connects people and markets, is the pathway to tomorrow’s jobs, and helps combat climate change. 

“Since last year’s covid lockdowns began, New Zealanders have shown the potential to adopt digital solutions to help support learning and working, connecting and doing business during a pandemic.

“One of the key steps to ensure we reach our potential in the digital age is to create a blueprint that considers and supports the aspirations of all New Zealanders. 

“We have the opportunity to be a world leading digital nation built on trust and known for the ethical deployment of emerging technologies.

“Our vibrant sector is the fastest growing industry in New Zealand and has expanded 30 percent faster than the economy overall.

“The tech sector can also help foster a diversified, future focused and resilient economy.

“The minister for the digital economy and communications Dr David Clark has opened the discussion for all New Zealanders to have their say on creating a digital strategy for Aotearoa report. Submission on the report close on November 10. 2021. 

“Through the digital strategy document, we have the potential to be a world-leading digital nation built on trust and known for the ethical deployment of new technologies.

“We are on a path to digital transformation, but to attain our share of the exponential growth potential in the digital sector, we must act now.”

The digital strategy for Aotearoa will be the blueprint for a higher productivity, lower emissions future where all New Zealanders have the opportunity to flourish in a digital world.

Aotearoa New Zealand has to be an early adopter and leader in the digital economy. The world will benefit from Kiwi products, approach and innovation, Muller says.

“We see a future where the tech sector continues to be fast growing and becomes more inclusive, selling home-grown IP the world over, and local businesses are quickly adopting technology in order to grow.

“Many Aotearoa companies have had strong recent growth drawing from digital opportunities. More than $200 million of growth funding has been raised by tech companies so far this year.

“Our tech sector’s growth is outstripping growth in the wider economy and it is estimated that over the past five years, our tech sector has grown 30 percent faster than the economy overall.

“Significantly, it is a sector that is low in emissions compared to other sectors and high in exports, bringing new revenue from overseas sales. Jobs in the tech sector are less vulnerable to external shocks and are less reliant on natural resources.

“More than 110,000 people were employed in the tech sector last year and new jobs are being created annually.”

Muller says younger New Zealanders need to discover a prosperous future working in tech roles where the median salary is $95,000 almost twice the average median salary.

For further information contact NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller on 021 02520767 or NZTech’s media specialist, Make Lemonade editor-in-chief Kip Brook on 0275 030188

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