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Stats NZ’s Long-term Insights Briefing for 2021: Consultation

Stats NZ is seeking feedback on the proposed topic of its Long-term Insights Briefing (LTIB) for 2021.

Long-term Insights Briefings

Long-term Insights Briefings (LTIB) form part of the stewardship role of public service agencies and provide a platform for identifying and exploring the issues that matter for the future wellbeing of the people of New Zealand.

These briefings provide the public with information about medium and long-term trends, risks, and opportunities that affect or may affect New Zealand and New Zealand society. LTIBs also provide impartial analysis, including policy options for responding to these matters.

The Public Service Act 2020 requires agencies to develop a Long-term Insights Briefing at least once every three years.

Our LTIB focuses on fostering improved wellbeing and economic growth

Stats NZ’s proposed topic is Data as a driver of national competitive advantage – fostering improved wellbeing and economic growth.

Our specific focus areas are:

  • the future of data: the type of asset that data is, and the properties that drive its value
  • combining data to create value
  • the importance of trust and transparency – creating the environment for trustworthy and responsible data-driven technology
  • the potential role of government to support the use of data to drive social and economic wellbeing.

How to engage on Stats NZ’s LTIB

There will be two opportunities for you to provide feedback on the LTIB.

  • Provide written comments by 28 January 2022 on the scope and structure of the topic Stats NZ has selected (download consultation document below).
  • In April/May 2022, we will  seek your feedback on a draft of the full LTIB.

Download consultation document

How to share your views

Please read the consultation document and answer the questions that are of interest to you.

  • Is the proposed topic, data as a driver of national competitive advantage – fostering improved well-being and economic growth, a valuable issue to consider?
  • Are the proposed focus areas the most important to explore further?
  • Are there other opportunities or implications that we should consider?
  • Are there any topics you would like Stats NZ to consider for future briefings?

Send submissions by 5pm, 28 January 2022 to:

Findings from the consultation will be published in February 2022.


For any questions or to receive help making a submission please email

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