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NZTech Inform – one more sleep!

It’s been great to see the ongoing successes of NZTech members as their companies grow internationally, with plenty of investment activity already underway in 2022. Congratulations to Soul Machines, who last week raised US$70m to advance the way digital people deliver interactive experiences in the Metaverse. Congratulations also to Verify Identity Services, also known as Cloudcheck, who were acquired by United Kingdom based GBG for $20m+ and AskNicely who raised $32m through a series B funding round.

With all of this growth the pressure on digital skills continues to mount. On Friday, we were excited to be able to launch access to the 600 tech border exceptions. If you are trying to get a visa for an international employee apply here for a border exception. If you qualify it will fast track the process.

In case you missed it, the Government is seeking final feedback on the Digital Technologies (Draft) Industry Transformation Plan by 31 March. Please share your views via the submission process.

One more sleep! Tomorrow, I’m attending the Tech Story Go Live event. We’re showcasing the inspiring Tech Story brand, identity and unveiling the Tech Story’s brand new website. These are the first steps in sharing our story and we can’t wait to share it. Our vision is that the Tech Story will have a long lasting, positive impact for our tech businesses and New Zealand. 

Just before the summer holidays we were able to announce the Government had agreed to create 600 border exceptions for tech workers. Since then we have been working with IT Professionals, Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to establish the process. All things going well, companies should be able to start applying from next week! With the recent MIQ changes, vaccinated tech workers will be able to enter New Zealand from 13 March.

Meanwhile, we have also been working on helping grow the local pipeline of tech talent, but we need your help, please. NZTech has partnered with IT Professionals to merge our school focused programmes into a joint venture.  TechHub is a single point of connection between education and tech. This shared platform makes it easy for people in tech to engage with schools and for schools to find appropriate programmes to help inspire their students into tech. TechHub brings together ShadowTech (where we take students out into tech companies), TechHub Talks (where tech professionals go into schools), Code Club (groups learning to code) and Tahi Rua Toru Tech (a national tech competition).

How can you help? Please encourage your company to become a supporting partner so we can resource and market these pathways into tech to all schools in New Zealand. Learn more here.

Coming up, please join us on Tuesday 22 February at 1pm for the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story launch. New Zealand brings a unique perspective to the world of technology, a perspective that the world needs now more than ever to help create technology that will build a better tomorrow. Please join us at the official launch with special guest speakers including the Hon David Clark, Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications.

With New Zealand currently in the red level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, there have been several changes to events across the Tech Alliance. Here’s our latest events update.

Meanwhile, event submissions open today for Techweek22. Tell your inspiring innovation stories to a national and international audience during this year’s Techweek. This year’s themes include skills and knowledge, digital transformation, climate and sustainability, global impact, leaders and innovation and Māori tech participation. Submit your event listing, get it published and start promoting it here.

Ngā mihi,

Graeme Muller

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