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LocationTech NZ

Targeting new and emerging location technology

This year we want to broaden your horizons of what it means to be in the location industry. Let’s make location technology cool again. We thank John Snow for the birth of the importance of the work we do, but it’s time to be the thought-leaders of the 21st century.

LocationTech wants to target cooperation and collaboration across the tech-ecosphere to unlock productivity and new opportunities. We want to take advantage of the new emerging technology coming out, including the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, to help create meaningful and innovative solutions to better our society.

However, innovation needs to be more than tech for tech’s sake. In order for our society to thrive there needs to be a true balance between technology and its relationship to our environment and people. With this belief in mind, over the next few months we will be focusing our attention on how location-based technology can be a catalyst for slowing down and mitigating issues relating to climate change as well as finding sustainable solutions for the future.

Due to the move to ‘traffic light’ red, we will be focusing on producing webinars and exploring more digital content for our members to sink their teeth into. These will include virtual coffee catch-ups and Inform events with panelist speakers. Fingers crossed for a healthy second half of the year, where we can all connect together directly at our in-person events.

Following our theme on location technology and its role in sustainability, we will be focusing on several key ideas in our events, including:

  • The impact of sea level rise on the banking and insurance sector
  • Optimisation of supply chain and increasing electrification 
  • Measuring emissions and responsive actions 
  • Measuring, regulation and precision agriculture
  • Urban population growth and creating sustainable cities

If you think you could add to the conversation on any of these topics, please feel free to reach out to our team to be in the mix and have the opportunity to be a speaker.

Let’s catch up
The LocationTech team have had many interesting debates and discussions about location technology and its future, from debating location technology and the metaverse, to questioning the space race and if we need to defy gravity and think beyond planet Earth.

Come along to one of our Zoom sessions where we can connect, have a coffee (or beer) and have a chat about different ideas semi-relating to location technology. Keep an eye posted for our invitation or check out our website for the next session.

TechWeek22 is around the corner during 16-22 May, so it’s a great time to put your name down as a sponsor or event organiser. If you’re planning on hosting an event, let us know so LocationTech can support you!

If you have any questions or want to get more involved with LocationTech, please feel free to reach out to the team:

Ngā mihi

Alison Mackie
LocationTech Community Manager

LocationTech NZ Our mission is to establish LocationTechNZ as the voice of location technology and spatial intelligence in New Zealand.