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Aotearoa EdTech Taking on the World

It’s been a busy month for us at EdTechNZ. We launched our EdTech Directory, met with members, and hosted our EdTech Export Readiness webinar. Thank you to our speakers, Alana Pellow (ENZ), Duane Grace (Tiaki Limited), Peter Dong (ByteEd), Van Bahn (ENZ), Naoual Haddouch (NZTE), Amy Bucher (ADInstruments), and Nara Chiluvuri (Hāpara) for the insightful discussion and for sharing their experiences on success and tough truths of EdTech export readiness. In case you missed it, you can view the webinar here

Following this webinar, we will be hosting a series of in-person events across the country to further discuss how you can be ready to export your EdTech internationally. Keep an eye out on our events page and future newsletters to register. 

The Spinoff also published an article this week, ‘Aotearoa’s EdTech companies are taking over the world’, which highlighted the growing uptake and importance of technology in education. It was great to see our EdTech Sector Report, ‘Aotearoa EdTech Excellence’, quoted and championed our six key recommendations to help grow our EdTech sector. A quick recap on our recommendations:

  1. Create a national EdTech strategy
  2. Improve the domestic market for EdTech vendors
  3. Develop a more centralised education technology procurement model
  4. Provide better digital upskilling for teachers
  5. Strive for digital equity across Aotearoa, and
  6. Make it easier for companies to export their services and solutions to the world. 

The article also profiled many of our members and other local EdTechs and explored the different technologies currently being adopted in educational tools; including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, as well as gamification to help create personalised and collaborative learning experiences. The article was crafted in collaboration with Education New Zealand – thank you for supporting our EdTech community, and for continuously creating awareness and visibility of local innovation to ensure equitable education for all. Click here to read The Spinoff article

It’s great to see our local EdTechs being promoted, and to help build a flourishing ecosystem, we launched the EdTech Directory. This directory was created to help connect and promote our growing industry and showcase all the great innovation being developed in Aotearoa. If you would like to be included in the directory, we encourage you to sign up here.

The EdTechNZ Team

EdTechNZ EdTechNZ is the voice of EdTech in New Zealand, supporting the growth of the sector. Our purpose is to drive the creative use of technology, inside and outside the classroom, for better student outcomes. We aim to facilitate a world class education system for all New Zealanders and showcase local EdTech to the world.