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Be part of shaping DINZ’s mahi

Kia ora e te whānau

It has been three weeks since the Digital Trust Hui Taumata at Te Papa Tongarewa and yet it still resonates with many delegates, judging by feedback I continue to receive. It’s a clear indicator of a great event that Digital Identity NZ and NZTech worked hard to bring to the community, overcoming the significant challenges of the time. 

Digital Identity NZ’s Executive Council (EC) remained in Wellington the next day for its annual strategy workshop. It developed a co-creation framework and questions to put to DINZ members – shown further down – regarding what activities our community want to undertake that returns overall value to our members, to DINZ and to Aotearoa’s digital economy in the next 12 months and beyond.  

Let’s refresh our memory of the mahi undertaken in the past 12 months – still some ‘work-in-progress’ – but nonetheless impressive for a group comprising of volunteers and minimal staff:

  1. Creating the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework working group to review the draft Bill and prepare submissions and reports, which have been received positively;
  2. Creating the Te Kahui te Tiriti o DINZ working group to develop and recommend an action plan for DINZ. The plan will help us to deliver on our Te Tiriti obligations SOI and support & promote Māori representation and participation in Digital Identity, though still formative, looks promising;
  3. Creating the Inclusive & Equitable Uses of Digital Identity working group to develop guidance for industry and the Government to help give all New Zealanders equal access to the potential benefits of digital identity – again formative but active engagement underway with civil society organisations;
  4. Completing benchmark consumer and business research in a challenging Covid environment. The results to be made public in a few weeks;
  5. Delivering three in-person member Connect events, again, in a challenging Covid environment;
  6. Delivering the much praised all-day Digital Trust Hui Taumata both in-person and online together with 23 online-only events to the community worldwide   

The 2022 EC reviewed last year’s annual member survey feedback and took the opportunity to review DINZ’s purpose, vision and mission to ensure it remains incredibly relevant to the opportunities in Aotearoa’s digital economy. 

The 2022 EC then proceeded to draft a ‘Pillars and Roles’ framework whose purpose is to give better definition and structure to the mahi and associated activities that this communication calls upon members to contribute to;   

  • Four Pillars under which the mahi and associated activities can be categorised – Ecosystem Enablement, Sustainability, Privacy and Trust, Inclusion & Diversity – to be positioned under;
  • Five Roles that DINZ would play (one or more) applicable to any given mahi and activity – Connect, Communicate, Guide, Develop, Promote;

DINZ’s Executive Council of 2022 seeks your feedback* on its proposal by August 31st 2022, using this Survey Monkey link here.

The EC’s proposals will be tested against your compiled member feedback and modified where necessary for confirmation through the annual member survey later in the year.

*Feedback is primarily sought from individual and organisation members of DINZ but feedback from non members is also welcomed.

Ngā mihi nui,

Colin and the DINZ Executive Council

Digital Identity New Zealand A purpose driven, inclusive, membership funded organisation, whose members have a shared passion for the opportunities that digital identity can offer. Digital Identity NZ supports a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital future for all New Zealanders.