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BlockchainNZ Pod E12 – Year in Review

Our Year in Review 2022 show brings together Bryan Ventura, Stephen Macaskill, and Paul Quickenden for a panel discussion of the years key events.

We starts with the SBF FTX debacle that is still unwinding, then we discuss the fallout from all the links that led to FTXs collapse. 2022 has been a record year for hacks as well, mostly bridging hacks, and we discuss security and the perception of crypto to the broader community. We finish with our picks for winners & losers in 2022, and trends for 2023.

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Some notes from the show:

Sam Bankman-fried interview (by George Stephanopolous on GMA)
List of hacks in 2022
Alexey Pertsev of Tornado Cash

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Recorded at blockheight 766048. The BCNZ podcast was founded in 2022 by Jeff Nijsse and Bryan Ventura.

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