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Tips to create safe spaces

Take your time | The internet has enabled us to create new spaces and communities, connecting us on a global scale. But we need to work together to make some of those new spaces safer than they currently are, by:

  • fact check information before we act; we can help others by not sharing fake news and by reporting misinformation or scams when we see them to
  • think before we share intimate images or financial information, especially when it comes to relationships formed online; “romance scams” and “sextortion” are increasing online harm tactics.
  • take a moment to check; often scams work because of timing, creating a sense of urgency that can stop us from double checking the message source.

Be an upstander online | Communities have always been safest when we looked out for each other. That’s equally true now online. We can support anyone feeling unsafe and help to build safer online spaces by:

  • if you see someone being bullied or harassed, report the problem to the platform where the behaviour is happening or encourage the person to report it to
  • join Netsafe in registering your business or online community as a digital safe space in The Safe Space Alliance; a LGBTQI+ led nonprofit organisation that helps people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for LGBTQI+ communities worldwide.

Review your online spaces | While so much of our professional and school lives are online now, when it comes to our personal time we are in control; of the spaces we create, those we join, and how much time we spend there. We can contribute to safer online spaces by:

  • take a fresh look at the tools and platforms we’re using and do an online settings and privacy check-up; find out more at
  • choose carefully what you consume and what you create; the use of filters and access to content on topics such as self-harm is widespread on social media and can negatively impact our self-esteem. Every body is “bodyright”.
  • take a break; if we are interacting with someone or something we are unsure about or is upsetting us, taking some time before reacting can mean a more positive experience for us, and the people we’re engaging with.

Every week, hundreds of people seek help from Netsafe for online harassment, image-based abuse, hate speech, grooming, scams and school incidents.

Call 0508 NETSAFE or visit to access free resources and support.

Source: Safer Internet Day

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