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Jumping into 2023!

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  • Insights from the Executive Director 
  • BioTechNZ – our focus for 2023
  • Connect at our events 

Insights from the Executive Director

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Regardless, if you want to improve your fitness, save more or learn a new language, the key is effective goal setting. Taking time to think about what matters most can help create a personal sense of purpose. Here are some quick tips on how to realise your goals:

  1. Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic goals, timed with a deadline.
  2. Give yourself a reality check – what is happening now and what needs to change?
  3. Consider all your options. What will help you achieve your goal?
  4. Develop an action plan and start with what matters most. What exactly will you do and by when?
  5. Identify any potential obstacles and put a plan in place to manage them. 
  6. Maintain momentum by regularly reviewing your progress. 
  7. Surround yourself with positive people who support your aspirations.

The reason I’m highlighting goal setting is because I want to ensure you gain the most of your BioTechNZ membership this year. Now, as we return to our working routines is the ideal time to make a plan that works for you. There are many ways you can be more involved with our important work helping to create a strong New Zealand bioeconomy.

Do you want to meet like minded people? Attend next month’s Life Sciences Summit in Wellington and celebrate biotech for a better tomorrow. Plus, join our BioTechNZ networking events or Tech Alliance events

Do you want to drive policy? Keep a lookout for Government submissions and be ready to share your ideas. Or advocate for BiotechNZ in front of the current and opposition Government.

Do you want to be introduced to a specific company or person? If you would like an introduction to fellow members, please email me

Do you want to connect with an international company? We have an excellent international network so again, please contact me for introductions.

BioTechNZ –  our focus for 2023

Life Sciences Summit

We are firmly focused on delivering our inaugural Life Sciences Summit – Biotech for a better tomorrow, March 22-23 in Wellington. We’re uniting Aotearoa New Zealand’s life sciences and biotech communities across all sectors for the first time.

We’re excited this is set to be an annual conference and we will be looking for post-event feedback from our members. Please share your views so we can ensure the success of our next Summit. Until then, don’t forget BioTechNZ and NZTech members who are planning to attend with their team, our group discount runs until March.

BioTechNZ Strategy

Our Executive Council is consolidating our ‘rocks’ or key pillars to drive this year’s strategic activities. We look forward to presenting these at the Life Sciences Summit. 

New Zealand Parliament Bills and Laws 

Prior to the 5 March, please review the Therapeutic Products Bill and if you have any comments please contact me.

Networking events 

We are currently finalising our 2023 event calendar including, evening networking events, Biotech and Beers, half day and full day workshops. If you would like to sponsor, provide a venue, or be a speaker please contact us

Auckland Connect Event | Greg Macpherson – from pharmacist to biotech entrepreneur

I am delighted to invite you on behalf of The Bioscience Enterprise Programme, University of Auckland and BioTechNZ to our first networking event for 2023. From pharmacist to biotech entrepreneur, meet Greg Macpherson and hear his inspiring story. Join BioTechNZ’s next Connect Event on 24 February in Auckland. Register now.

Agritech Connect Tour 2023

AgriTechNZ is back on the road again touring Aotearoa during March. You’re invited to join the team for agritech updates, plus discover useful resources and tools. Register now for an event near you

Ngā mihi
Zahra Champion
Executive Director

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