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Q&A with BlockchainNZ member Scott Lawrie, Owner of Scott Lawrie Gallery

Crypto or blockchain?


Tell us about your organisation in 20 words or less

SLG is a contemporary art gallery (bricks and mortar). is our dedicated platform for curated digital art.

Tell us about a “typical” day for you

I stress from 8am to 11pm daily! Seriously, no two days are ever the same in a gallery. I might get up to some email and message enquiries about works, send heaps of info and images to potential collectors, write an essay about the work on show, manage artists (phew!) and try and squeeze in some planning for what lies ahead. At the moment, we do about 25-30 shows a year. It’s a LOT to manage. And I hate admin. Plus, I’m colour-blind but don’t you dare tell anyone…

What’s your blockchain origin story?

We built Fountain on Tezos, as we loved the fact there was an art community on there already. Although we’ve just started out, we’re really enjoying being part of the Tezos community. Our platform was built by Cryptonomic in New York. Long story! But a great partnership. 

Brag a little! Tell us about a career highlight

Starting a gallery from scratch, helping younger artists break into the art world, and being the first gallery in New Zealand to have a dedicated digital offering. We also make artist films, which between them have had over 750,000 views now! 

What industry development is exciting you?

VR – Apple’s new VirtualOS is scheduled for release in the first half of 2023. It’s had 3000 developers working it full time. It’s either going to change our lives or be the biggest damp squib ever. The implications for art are so exciting.

Outside your own business, who or what has impressed you lately and why?

The younger generation of artists coming through who are using the Blockchain in interesting ways. They are curious, determined, and really making waves with new forms of visual, generative, audio, and sensory art. It’s incredibly exciting.

If you could change one thing about the blockchain world, what would it be and why?

The language surrounding it. I was a copywriter in a past life for 20 years, and I find the tech language a bit dense and overwhelming. We need to keep things clear and simple, especially when speaking to newbies or clients – they need to come on the journey with us.

What are your Go To sources for staying up to date?

Young digital artists! I’ve learned more from sitting with them at the laptop for 30 mins than I have while browsing for hours on my own. The Tezos community is super helpful too.

What’s on your horizon for replenishing your creativity or resilience?

Aotearoa Contemporary – it’s a free public showcase of digital, experimental and performance art. We’re launching it in late September 2023, so give us a follow and watch this space!

Tell us some words to live by

Honesty. Bravery. Compassion. And always ALWAYS be the Maverick!

Find out more about Scott:

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