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Enroller | Co- Founders Michael Barry (CEO) and Andrew Harris (CPO) | Where international education connects and grows.

Enroller  connects schools to education agents and families, streamlining the customer journey from discovery to arrival on campus and everything in-between; opening up the world of education opportunities for school-aged learners.

‘’Andy Harris and I believe that international education can transform the lives of our next generation and transform the world as a result,” says CEO and co-founder of Enroller Michael Barry

While COVID had a material impact on the business, Enroller has managed to survive, stabilise, and regrow. 

At the moment, the Enroller team is busy building both sides of the marketplace with (mostly) high schools and education agencies around the world.

‘’We’re now working with nearly 400 schools across five countries and 2,700 education agents spanning 37 countries.’’

New Zealand is and always will be ‘home’ for Enroller. They have an extremely loyal and committed community of schools across the country from Northland to Southland.

Post-COVID, Enroller’s growth has come from the US and more recently the UK and Canada, although they are still early in their GTM journey in these countries.

‘’We work with international marketing and admissions teams in schools who are focused on growing and diversifying their international student populations.’’

Outside of their core focus on schools, Enroller also work with some large private and public organisations including UP Education, Education New Zealand, SIEBA (Secondary International Education Business Association), and the Victorian Government Schools division in Australia.

‘’Generally speaking, we provide these customers with configured technology solutions to support their bespoke needs; mostly centred around streamlining operations and enhancing their customers’ experience.”’

Enroller recognise it can be challenging for students, families, and education agents to find the best-fit school and managing the application, Visa, and pre-arrival process. It is a long buying cycle and an expensive purchase decision. 

“‘By supporting schools with their digitisation journey we’ve ultimately made it easier for the end user to access the best possible schools and enrol with ease from the other side of the world”.

Ka rawe! Nice work team Enroller. All the best with what comes next.

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