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Introducing a campaign to attract international tech talent to New Zealand

The world is experiencing a global talent shortage and New Zealand is not immune. To help address this issue within the tech sector, the See Tomorrow First initiative is leveraging New Zealand Story’s new Recruitment Storyteller marketing toolkit and working alongside Haines Attract to create a centralised tech talent application portal, and an international marketing campaign to attract skilled individuals to New Zealand tech jobs.

About the candidate portal

HainesAttract are using their established recruitment platform WorkHere to activate the See Tomorrow First tech talent attraction campaign. Both recruitment agencies and individual companies can list their job roles on the portal and receive applications from candidates captured by our international marketing campaign.

If you would like to list your organisation’s job roles on the platform, please contact

About the international marketing campaign

The campaign is focusing on tech talent in 3 offshore markets: South America, South Africa and Asia, where it’s known that the lifestyle benefits of working in New Zealand have strong appeal.

The objective of the campaign is to focus on high value not high volume. As such, we are using precisely targeted channels in each of these key markets to find talent with the specific skills that New Zealand’s tech sector is in dire need of right now.

The campaign collateral focuses on the key selling points of working in New Zealand: lifestyle, a family-friendly environment, safety and security, and a vibrant and rapidly growing tech sector with a wide range of career opportunities.

About Recruitment Storyteller

New Zealand Story’s Recruitment Storyteller provides businesses with a toolkit of free marketing resources. It includes videos, case studies, digital and social assets, all of which companies can download to use in their own offshore talent attraction activity.

To find out more and access to the toolkit, visit >

Whether you choose to get involved with the centralised campaign or take your own path, we encourage you to leverage the assets and messaging created for the See Tomorrow First talent campaign to help solve your immediate talent attraction challenges.

Visit the campaign landing page:

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