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Quick Poll | How diverse is your team?

Please help us update important diversity data! We’ve got five quick questions:

Recently, NZTech and Toi Mai ran a nationwide survey of tech sector firms and organisations to collect the latest data and trends about New Zealand’s digital skills shortage. This data is being used for the 3rd edition of our Digital Skills Aotearoa report and includes valuable post pandemic insights.

In earlier editions, we reported on the percentage of women, Māori and Pacific people working in the digital tech workforce. Unfortunately, our recent survey asked for diversity data relating to the number of people in your company, not specifically the tech team. Your response will help identify where to deploy industry and government funding and support to improve the diversity of the digital workforce.

Please take our quick poll, estimating the number of people in your IT workforce and the number of those that are women, Māori and Pacific peoples. Improved diversity of the tech workforce has numerous benefits including increased profitability, access to a wider talent pool and broader social benefits.

Please complete this poll before Thursday 22 June.

All data will be anonymised and aggregated for the purposes of reporting. Please note, your organisation’s name is only collected for aggregated demographic data. Once this is prepared your organisation’s name will be deleted and not held.

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Graeme Muller

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