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Sharing the load – Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

During our last webinar, I spoke about the importance of men in sharing the load when it comes to diversity and inclusion initiatives. This struck a chord with attendees so I thought I would expand on it further here. 

The power to change the gender diversity gap in tech sits with all of us, the majority of whom in our industry are men. Men hold almost all of the governance positions, most of the leadership positions and a greater proportion of the individual roles in our workplaces.

Instead of the burden being carried by the small number of women in tech to attract and retain women, why are we not looking at our male majority to make a real impact on this important business issue?

How can men create an environment that women want to work in? How can men develop a female talent pipeline who may not work in the same way as their male counterparts? How can men put a stop to institutionalised gender double standards?

Until we start engaging men in the diversity conversation the weight of the problem will continue to fall unfairly on our shoulders.

Our TechWomen events are open to all genders and we strive to include male speakers in our panels to foster an inclusive conversation. In your organisation could you open up your diversity initiatives and groups to more involvement from men? If we want to get the majority working with us, so we ultimately are no longer a minority, we need to bring men in.

Ngā mihi
Eva Sherwood
Executive Director, TechWomen

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