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Vietnam – New Zealand Digital Forum 2023

NZTech Board Member Mitchell Pham represented NZTech at the Vietnam – New Zealand Digital Forum on 9 August in Wellington during the Vietnam Digital Delegation visit to New Zealand.

The forum provided an opportunity to promote ICT/digital cooperation between Vietnam and New Zealand and to explore future collaboration with digital partners in Vietnam.

Here is Mitchell’s key out-take from the forum:

“Vietnam’s digital technology industry doesn’t just have depth of technical expertise and size of talent pool, but also very large customer markets both domestically and internationally.

Some of the country’s largest digital businesses were in the visiting delegation. They are already present in dozens of international markets, well beyond South East Asia. This presents a great partnering opportunity for NZ tech businesses who are diverse and innovative but need scale and access to those large markets. Vice versa, New Zealand is small but presents an attractive country for Vietnamese businesses to explore and test their offerings for Western markets, de-risking their expansion roadmap before investing into larger markets like Australia, UK, US, etc. Both countries have strategic value to bring to the partnership.” 

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