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NZTech Inform: Know the risks

We know cybersecurity is constantly evolving, with threats and attacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated. As the risk grows, we also need to ensure we are continually learning and developing our abilities to deal with them too.

This morning, I am writing my weekly update from our inaugural Cyber Risk Conference in Auckland with several hundred cyber professionals, exploring the latest threats and sharing their experiences.

IDC’s Louise Francis opened the conference by sharing the latest global cybersecurity trends, including cyber skills shortages, increasing compliance reporting, and the dark side of generative AI. According to IDC, 71% of businesses in New Zealand now consider cyber resilience as a critical strategic priority (up from 48% in 2019). However, 59% are finding it challenging to find the necessary skills to adapt their response to cyber risks. Additionally, 51% of New Zealand businesses are investing in audits and assessment and 45% in enabling a resilient hybrid workforce. 

The emergence of next gen AI cyber tools like DarkBERT, trained on dark web data to better predict bad actors, and other AI powered threat hunters looks promising. However, at the same time, criminals are cleverly using generative AI to launch tools like FraudGPT and more sophisticated phishing attacks. 

Tomorrow I am attending a workshop with WeCreate, to develop advice for the incoming Government on how to respond to AI’s impact on Aotearoa’s creative sector. From art to music and writing, there are important issues that require consideration.

This year has been generative AI’s breakout and there’s still more to learn! Please join us at next week’s Aotearoa AI Summit to learn more about AI’s impact on New Zealand. There’s also three pre-event workshops to choose from, including AI and IoT in infrastructure, reshaping Aotearoa’s AI strategy and implementing best practices. These exclusive workshops are complimentary, but please register your interest. Read more.

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