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Cyber Smart Week is here!

We’re supporting CERT NZ to highlight the importance of staying secure online and showing New Zealanders what’s at stake when they don’t get their online security right.

CERT NZ has found that despite being aware of cyber security risks, New Zealanders aren’t necessarily taking the simple actions that can protect them. 

For this year’s Cyber Smart Week, CERT NZ is showing how easy it is to be exposed online through a photo exhibition featuring real people who have suffered the consequences of cybercrime.

The EXPOSED exhibition features larger-than-life portraits of real people targeted by attackers while going about their lives online. These New Zealanders are sharing their stories to highlight the impact of these incidents and to encourage others to protect themselves online. Visit the exhibition from Tuesday 31 October – Thursday 2 November, 10am – 4 pm at Auckland’s Tuesday Club, 42 Airedale Street, Auckland CBD.
You can also view it online.

Plus, this week, join free online events covering a range of sectors:

  • Cyber security professionals
  • Healthcare and education
  • Small business
  • Financial services, and
  • Local and central government

Tuesday, 31 October at 10:30am

Cyber security Unleashed: Expert Insights for Cyber security Professionals

Designed specifically for cybersecurity professionals, this webinar will explore the latest threat landscape, innovative defence strategies, and practical insights. We will also cover the importance of information sharing and partnerships in the cyber security ecosystem. This is an opportunity to learn how different organisations fit together and how we can best collaborate and work together. There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session. 


Wednesday, 1 November at 10:30am

Guardians of Data: Ensuring Cyber Resilience in Healthcare and Education

In the healthcare and education sectors, data security is vital. This Cyber Smart Week, CERT NZ has joined forces with the Privacy Commission to provide insights on safeguarding sensitive patient and student information. Learn how to navigate the unique challenges of these industries and implement best practices.


Wednesday, 1 November at 2:30pm

Defending the Digital Realm: Cyber security Strategies for Small Businesses

In a world where cybercrime is growing and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, it is more important than ever to be aware, prepared, and responsive to cyber threats. During this webinar we’ll explore some of the main cyber threats, what trends we are seeing, and how to spot them as well as practical advice on keeping secure. Join us for invaluable insights and strategies to fortify your digital defences. Learn to protect your business from cyberattacks and secure your future growth.


Friday, 3 November at 10:30am

Securing Our Nation: A Cyber Smart Approach for Local and Central Government

CERT NZ has  teamed up with the Serious Fraud Office to take you through the external threats from cyber criminals and the internal threats from employee fraud. This webinar will give you advice tailored to the unique challenges faced by local and central government agencies. In world where cybercrime is growing and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, protecting sensitive data from internal and external threats is paramount. This webinar will delve into the latest strategies, tools, and best practices to safeguard your agency from outside and within.


Friday, 3 November at 1:30pm

Fortifying Finance: Cyber security Best Practices for Financial Service Providers

Cybercrime is growing and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, so it’s more important than ever that financial service providers and scam prevention agencies work together to protect New Zealanders’ financial wellbeing. We’ll share our top tips for what financial service providers can ask customers to help detect fraud and scams and talk through the benefits of robust reporting cultures and processes.


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