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Inspiring collaborations: Hong Kong

During the Hong Kong FinTech Week conference and the meetings that followed, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the team from the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, supported by InvestHk and several high-profile sponsors. Their efforts played a significant role in developing and delivering a successful conference.

As a ‘sister’ association, we envision fostering even more collaboration between our organisations. We aim to open two-way doors for our members in both New Zealand and Hong Kong, creating opportunities to share insights and collaborate on various projects. This is especially exciting considering Hong Kong as part of the broader Destination Asia perspective. 

For any FinTechNZ member interested in exploring these opportunities, please let us know and we can personally introduce and facilitate connections. We also extend our sincere thanks to Raphael Jansa and Jo Jose for their contribution in making this possible. Their efforts have been instrumental in strengthening ties between our associations and opening avenues for meaningful knowledge exchange.
Learn more about the ecosystem in Hong Kong here.

Jason Roberts

Executive Director


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