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Fostering Diversity and Social Change in New Zealand

Kia ora,

It is another big week for blockchain as we watch the impact of the latest Bitcoin halving.  BlockchainNZ executive council member, Ben Rose, shared why the world should be paying attention in an NZ Herald article last week.  One of the biggest impacts is expected to be a change in the approach to bitcoin mining with the use of AI gaining prominence.

While we marvel at the growth of Bitcoin, I can’t help thinking there are other equally important areas for the New Zealand Blockchain community to be considering. After the devastation in Bondi last week, which appears to have been targeted violence against women, I am re-energised in my quest to help improve the diversity of our Blockchain community.

In our tech community, despite our strides towards innovation, we must acknowledge the challenge of a lack of diversity and its impact on truly achieving the greatness this technology can bring. Here, the foundational principles of Blockchain come into sharp relevance. Our industry is built on the values of liberty and decentralisation – principles that are inherently opposed to centralised control, that advocate for individual autonomy and equality. Blockchain technology embodies these principles by delivering innovative solutions that prioritise security, transparency and trust all in the service of decentralisation and redistribution of power and control systems.

I have often been heard countering the argument that “blockchain is a solution looking for a problem” by asserting that the issues that blockchain addresses aren’t often tangible – they’re social. In New Zealand, I am always humbled to see the number of businesses that not only adopt blockchain technology but actively utilise it to advocate for social and climate good. These companies truly embody the decentralised, equitable values that are central to this industry.

However, embracing these values means advocating for change beyond the digital realm. It means actively opposing all forms of inequality. If we are to truly uphold the core values of this industry that many of us value, we must extend this commitment to every aspect of our lives and work.

I don’t have all the answers to the systemic issues in our society, but I encourage you to reflect on the diversity challenge and what you can do to help.

Furthermore, if you are a woman in the blockchain or tech industry, I invite you to join our efforts at TechWomen to build a Blockchain Women group. Together, we can support diversity and inclusion in our field. By challenging the status quo and collaborating on impactful initiatives, we can drive meaningful change in our society.

I look forward to working with you all to help create a better New Zealand underpinned by good technology.

Ngā mihi
Alison Mackie
Executive Director, Blockchain NZ

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