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Sustainable FinTech news

The new financial year has started with the ‘pedal to the metal’. We talk about a few of the activities below, but by no means does it cover everything that’s happened!

If you’ve been making waves in fintech ESG, sustainability or impact space, email Jason with ‘Sustainable FinTech news’ in the subject line and a link to your media release or blog, and we’ll include it in our newsletter.

We were excited to attend the launch of the Climate Technology Roadmap – a significant milestone event attended by the Hon. Simon Watts, Minister for Climate Change and Acting Minister for Technology. The Minister acknowledged the scale of transformation required to meet our climate targets. The Roadmap outlines a clear path for harnessing technology to meet our emissions reduction targets, which he said offers clarity and direction for the private sector by encouraging investment and development in green technologies for a more prosperous future.

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Hon. Simon Watts speaking at the Climate Technology Roadmap launch event.

We’ll have a meetup for our Sustainable Finance working group members (and other interested parties) to share key points. We’ll send out a notification about this shortly.

Thanks to the teams at Proxima and the New Zealand Scandinavian Business Association, for the opportunity to catch up with Martin Rich, CEO and Founder of Future Fit Business, and his colleague Sven Beyersdorff, Partner and Founder of Nordic Sustainability, who shared their thoughts on how the regulations coming from the European Union (EU) will push the emphasis on data and improved performance. Find out how some of the EU regulations will impact companies here. Interestingly, while companies are starting to explore products to tackle sustainability performance issues (Sven said the sustainability report from Veissmann was the best that he’s ever seen), they also talked about companies thinking about redesigning their business models, as demonstrated by Better Energy.

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(L to R) Simon Harvey (Proxima), Martin Rich (Future Fit Business), Sven Beyersdorff (Nordic Sustainability) and Kat McDonald (Proxima) share news on how companies across Europe are tackling sustainability.

We have also received a sponsorship opportunity that we’d like to extend to our FinTechNZ family in the sustainability space. APAC Outlook is working with FinTechNZ to develop a keynote interview with Jason, showcasing the fintech sector and discussing its history, exciting future, potential challenges and growing contribution to the nation’s economy. This is your opportunity to showcase the innovative, growth, resilient, and successful role you’ve played at the forefront of the fintech sector. Please email Jason to get involved.

The Climate Commission has also opened its consultation on the fourth emissions budget. Please let us know if you’d like our support in developing a response.

If you would like to know more about Sustainable Finance, follow our working group activity here.

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