NZTech advances the voice of technology and the importance of technology for the future prosperity of New Zealand.  NZTech continues to raise the profile of the tech sector as a place to work, a place to create and export ideas and as a critical pillar of the New Zealand economy. 

Advancing strong government relations 
NZTech works with departments and agencies to ensure strong and collaborative relations between tech communities and the Government. NZTech is active in Government forums including Trade, Finance, Education, Procurement, Economic Development, Digital Skills and Cybersecurity.

Advancing Education, Skills & Talent
NZTech is working to help improve the education system through better use of technology while developing the skills and talent to support a growing tech sector.

Advancing Tech Exports
NZTech continues to support the growth of New Zealand tech firms helping them export and grow internationally.

Creating New Jobs

For each new tech job created, five additional local jobs are created outside of the tech sector.

Moretti, UC Berkeley; 2012