About BANZ

Blockchain technology is changing our understanding of transparency, authentication, trust and contracts in the public and private sector. The Blockchain Association New Zealand (BANZ) represents this rapidly emerging business sector and is the industry networking organisation, facilitating connections and professional development. The BANZ introduces, educates and connects kiwis who want to build a thriving digital future. The BANZ promotes cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies, the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry leading knowledge and practices for distributed ledge technology.

Learn more at: www.blockchain.org.nz

BANZ Members:

Our membership represents New Zealand’s leading innovators, operators and investors in the digital asset and Blockchain technology ecosystem, including start-ups, software companies, global IT consultancies, financial institutions and investment firms.  Membership is open to all those committed to supporting and growing this thriving community.  The BANZ has a managing committee selected by its membership.

Networking events:

We hold regular industry events, conferences and symposiums.

About NZ Tech Alliance

Blockchain is a member of the New Zealand Technology Alliance with NZTech.  Through this alliance members have access to a national network of organisations that have a shared purpose of helping to improve New Zealand’s prosperity, underpinned by technology.  Additionally, NZTech helps to represent our interests at both a national and international level.

NZTech is the national, not-for-profit, membership funded association for tech firms across New Zealand.  It is the collective voice of the sector, from start-ups, local IT firms, software exporters, multinationals, high tech manufacturers and education institutions.  NZTech’s goal is to stimulate an environment where technology provides pivotal productivity and economic benefits across New Zealand.  NZTech promotes the industry’s growth by taking a leadership role on behalf of all members for direct communication with government leaders, media, other sector groups and the public.

Learn more about NZTech alliance membership benefits or for further information, please contact nick.elias@nztech.org.nz

BANZ Members