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Ada Lovelace Day STEM Webinar

Join us to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day with “Lightning Talks”

Ada Lovelace Day falls between the 11th and 13th of October each year. It highlights the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer; she began algorithm development back in the mid-nineteenth century. That’s over 150 years ago! This is especially remarkable because the first computer, Charles Babbage’s mechanical ‘Analytical Engine’, was still unfinished at the time.

TechWomenNZ celebrates Ada Lovelace Day each year with an event.  This year we will be hosting “Lightning Talks!”

Five panelists will (virtually) invite you to listen and learn about some of their experiences during their technical career in IT.

Topics include:

  • their career journey to date
  • the greatest challenge they have encountered
  • what they are most proud of
  • their hopes for the future

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 11th October 2022
Time: 12:00 PM- 01:00 PM
Event Type: Online
Cost: Free for members & non-Members



Maria Jose Alvarez | Maria Jose is an experienced deep tech investor and operator passionate about supporting entrepreneurs through the process of investment, commercialisation, and growth. As a deep tech founder turned investor, MJ sits right at the intersection of both worlds. She works with early-stage science and engineering founders as Investment Manager of WNT Ventures, a technology incubator and Venture Capital fund. Additionally, Maria Jose is dedicated to increasing diversity among founders and funders. Her impact on this field credited her as a NZ Woman of Influence 2021 finalist in the Diversity category. MJ is a TEDx speaker, and an independent Committee member in several organisations focused on science and technology ventures in Chile and NZ.

Jen Clark | From soil management and crop rotation via command line to today, Jen Clark, Lead Enterprise Architect for The Warehouse Group. Returning home to Aotearoa after three years of backpacking, I knew I would not return to my field of Agronomy working in Agricultural Research. One of my (six) brothers introduced me to the Command-line. So command-line and I became one. I did not anticipate any obstacles. What was I thinking? From NZ Primary Sector to an IT Reseller, Telecommunications, Banking, Governmental (Central, Local, SoE), Energy, Education, KPMG and today a Retailer with The Warehouse Group.

Annie Vella | Annie Vella is a technologist with a career in software engineering and technology leadership spanning almost two decades. Having worked in a range of business domains across four countries both remote and on-site, Annie empowers engineering teams to work smarter by cultivating a curiosity mindset, driving engineering excellence and inspiring engineers to grow through self-reflection and storytelling. Annie recently returned to her home country New Zealand, where she joined Westpac as a Tech Area Lead in Auckland.

Isabel Gilbert | Isabel is an aspiring aerospace engineer who believes in the potential of NZ’s space industry. She believes she may face some challenges on this path both due to her physical disability and her awareness, even as a Year 9 student, that there may be only a small number of women in her classes reducing the range of perspectives and diversity of thought.

Emma O’Riordan | Emma leads curriculum disruption at Manurewa High School, innovating with learning tools and programmes that draw on her past lives as a teacher of Maths and Business. She studied in Ireland and taught in England before coming to New Zealand. She runs the Makerspace and has developed new curriculum around its technologies that allows for students to have agency in their learning. Her continuous reinvention as a teacher aligns with her belief that education must be relevant to its time and prepare students for change and complexity. Her hope for her students is that they can be global citizens who can excel in any situation, creating opportunities for themselves and others.




Oct 11
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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