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Auckland Tech Marketers June Breakfast event

The two important ‘R’s for any CEO is revenue and retention. In order to maintain scalable growth and have consistency across the entire customer lifecycle there needs to be a lynchpin that will bring together marketing, sales and customer success.

Roll in, revenue operations. Often overlooked as just a trending name for sales operations, this function works across the entire buyer journey. Bringing together tools, platforms and process to move quickly, surfacing insights and data that will achieve core KPIs and overall maintaining consistency across the customer journey.

We’re excited to announce our next event taking place 27 June that will dive deep into the role of revenue operations across marketing, sales and customer success.

Hear from Vend’s Director of Marketing Operations, Cath Carlsen and VP Sales Operations Fallon Savery who will talk through:
• The value of operations across the entire customer lifecycle
• Core metrics that matter most
• Clear pipeline management process and standards for managing data
• Sales processes and how critical visibility and funnel metrics are to ensure you are always supporting ‘good’ sales methodologies
• Managing and maintaining alignment between marketing and sales
• Know at what point you should invest in these functions

Look forward to seeing you there!



Jun 27
7:30 am - 8:30 am
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