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Empowering employees on your sustainability journey

The key to creating a vibrant and sustainable company is to find ways to get employees engaged in day-to-day sustainability efforts. Engaging your staff is powerful. It brings new ideas, helps communicate the story and gets people involved in the implementation of sustainability initiatives. It also helps build community and connect employees to a sense of purpose.

Employees are seeking leadership from their employers on societal and environmental challenges, with 66% of people surveyed by Kantar in 2021 claiming that it is important for brands to be committed to making our society better, and 87% of people surveyed by Forbes would like to be informed of companies efforts to address the environmental situation.

Sustainability does not need to be siloed off as the sole responsibility of one person or one team. Empowering staff from across the business will reap the biggest rewards in the long-term.

On the webinar, US based Corrie Conrad, previously VP of Sustainability at the mega makeup chain Sephora and now Executive Director Communities and Impact at Box.Org will explore the importance of empowering employees to take ownership and responsibility for community impact.

Freyja Spaven from Tauranga-based Bluelab will outline how the company puts people power behind its sustainable transformation, by setting goals the whole business believes in, linking them to a sound strategy and giving their team space to get involved.

NZTE’s Sustainability team Florence van Dyke and Chris Lijzenga will facilitate a discussion, followed by Q&A.

Why attend?

By joining this webinar, you’ll get insights into:

  1. Understanding the importance of your team, their motivations and how to tap into your most valuable resource
  2. How to actively decide on key goals and where the team wants to make a difference, through the lens of a New Zealand exporter and an international sustainability practitioner
  3. How to rally your people around their areas of interest within your organisation and community
  4. Recommendations on what a business can do to keep people motivated and contributing to sustainability.

This webinar is relevant for all businesses that want to involve and invigorate their teams to lead sustainability initiatives.



Aug 26
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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