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Future-Proof Your Leadership

Project Connect, in association with Advisory Works, presents John Spence for one keynote event.

“Future-Proof Your Leadership”

Based on global research and more than 20 years as a leadership and business expert, John Spence will share his latest insights on the model of a contemporary leader. He will discuss how ever-evolving technology impacts their thinking, actions, and strategy now and how to position themselves in the near future. John will outline the key characteristics of highly successful influencers; this will be an examination of servant leadership, values and purpose-based leadership, team leadership, the importance of EQ and collaboration and how to lead multiple generations effectively. He will also discuss the importance of understanding your business’s and your own personal leadership philosophy. This will be an information intensive session with Kendall Langston of Advisory Works as moderator. Q&A will follow.




Aug 02
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm