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Gibbons Lectures | Cryptography after quantum computers

Quantum computers will be able to break some of the most famous and widely deployed cryptosystems. Will our private information be secure in a post-quantum world?

In this talk, Professor Steven Galbraith will briefly survey modern cryptography and indicate which current systems are potentially vulnerable to quantum computers.

Professor Galbraith will then report on recent developments in the area of post-quantum cryptography.

In particular, he will discuss the ongoing National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization process.

Our Speaker | Professor Steven Galbraith, Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland

Professor Steven Galbraith is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Auckland and is currently the head of department.

He has a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Waikato; a Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; and a doctorate from Oxford University in the UK.

He held research positions at Royal Holloway University of London, UK; the University of Waterloo, Canada; the Institute for Experimental Mathematics, Essen, Germany; and the University of Bristol, UK.

He was a lecturer from 2001 to 2009 in the Department of Mathematics at the Royal Holloway University of London, and was made full professor there in 2008.

An international leader in the mathematics of public key cryptography, Professor Galbraith’s research is in computational number theory, computational algebraic geometry, and applications in public key cryptography.

He has published around 70 papers and one very large book. Professor Galbraith has given many invited lectures, including being selected by the London Mathematical Society to be the Aitken Lecturer in 2015.



May 15
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


260.092 Level 0 Foyer, Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Rd
Auckland, 1010 New Zealand
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